Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School what school?!?

The Nasty Weather In Our Backyard ~ 08.18.08

Well as most of you may or may not know Bianca didn’t make it to her first day in school or her second for that matter… You see there was this little T.S. named Fay that came right at us. Nothing too bad considering we’ve been through worse in the past but then again it’s not even PEAK hurricane season.

So Bianca stayed home for a few days and hanged out. She was, to say the least, disappointed! She kept asking “Why is it raining? I want to go to school mom!” and I kept reassuring her that she will just not when she was expecting to go.

A friend of my, Monica, made a pretty funny comment when she said that Robert must be pretty close to God, because of these two days of school being cancelled. I couldn’t help but laugh at the mental picture I got from that comment! It sounds so very true! I think school beginning two days later did, in a way, help ease our tensions of her starting school. We’re a bit more comfortable and accepting that she will be in school. As a matter of fact it is our new ammo around the house when we want her to do things. – Without the attitude of course…who would have thought a 5 almost 6 years-old little girl can have such an attitude!

Aside from it all she did have a pretty bad sore on her left foot we were trying to get healed. I was worried she might have had a less pleasurable experience on her first day of school since it was pretty sensitive w/shoes on. But as of this morning she feels much better and is walking/running/hopping all over the place. So yup she’s ready!

The only thing I am stumped on is what should I make for lunch five times a week – that’s EB friendly, yummy and nutritious? She’s picky but not extremely…so I might have to pop in there some choices. I was worried that she might be missing out on some nutrition but found this wonderful Thermos from Hello Kitty and it might be the perfect thing to keep her milk nice and cold through out the day. Since she needs to drink her Boost – plus other NUTRIENTS I pop in there – through the day, to maintain her caloric consumption at an ideal level, I thought this to be the perfect item. And the straw is not like those of a toddler sippy cup which is hard to suck on.

Anyways that is really all that’s happening in the home front. We will see what tomorrow – The Official First Day Of School – might bring our way!

Lots of XOXO
~The Contreras Family

Bianca "hanging out" for just one more day! ~ 08.18.08
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