Friday, May 29, 2009

Proud Mother Of A Kindergarten Graduate!

Bianca with the best Kindergarten teacher @ Madie Ives Elementary ~ Dr. Robinson

May 29, 2009

Today my beautiful daughter took her very first graduation walk. She has officially crossed over to become a First Grader! It was a day filled with joy and happiness.

It is so hard to believe how the year just flew by...all those first day worries and concerns are now a thing of the past. Never could we have imagined such a perfect first year of school! We are truly thankful and grateful for the experience. We have m
anaged to move mountains and gain confidence that our little angel has become this independent self-assured person we have strived for since day one. I know she's only 6 years old but even at this age I can see the determination in her eyes. The desire to learn and absorb all her surroundings. She has done exceptionally well in school w/the occasional time-out for wanting to talk too much in class. But hey if you know me and the rest of the family you know there isn't a quiet bone in our bodies or in our genes!

As I sat for breakfast this morning with some of her classmates I realized how she just attracts them with her funny demands and engaging conversation. She amuses them by actually becoming a part of any topic they speak of...c
ars, movies, toys, matter if you're a boy or a girl she really does well in befriending just about anyone!

Bianca & Jonathan having breakfast

Samantha, Brianna & Bianca

Once the "graduation" got underway it was great to see her intermingle with the rest of her class. They sang some very funny songs ~ my favorite will have to be the remake of Start Spreading The News by Frank Sinatra. It went something like this (hum the tune)...

"Start spreading the news We're leaving today. We want to be a part of First grade, first grade We've worked very hard Our teacher's so proud. So open up those doors to First grade, first grade. We know our... alphabet And numbers too. We all can write our names And tie our shoes! So when summer's done And we're all done with play Our mom's will send us to First grade, first grade. If we can make it there We'll make it anywhere So here we come First grade, first grade"

Then after their mini-production it was time to get her official recognition that she has become a First Grader!

Bianca did pretty well getting up those stairs and walking her way across the stage. I was very proud.

Back in class Bianca played and even though we were leaving school early she did not want to go!

Overall it was an excellent day! Once again we've managed to cross out another event we were told years ago it may not come! So far we've managed to conquer some fears and overcome a few hurdles. We have proven to ourselves once again that we must continue to strive forward no matter what we are dealt! My little girl is my inspiration! I will not be who I am today if it were not for her. I know there are many years ahead of us and new situations will present themselves to us but for now we are celebrating!

So to my daughter Bianca ~ with this I would like to tell you that I love you my busy Bee! You are the reason that I get up in the mornings and try to be the best mommy you could ever have! You are the one that has shown me what it is to live for today and not worry about tomorrow! I thank God above for sending me my own personal angel and miracle in the making! I have been immensely blessed and honored by being your mother. I love you Bianca.

I would also like to give thanks to those that have assist us in this journey. From her nana - Miriam to her grandmothers ~ Abuela Luisa and Mima! They are both a very big part of our lives and I am forever grateful to have them both in our lives today! What would the world be without grandmas?!?

Good night everyone and thank you for stopping by....until next time!

P.S. There is nothing else to prove how much love there is in our lives then when we walked into our house today and found this blooming (after 1 1/2 years) in our windowsill...I never gave up hope even after it looked like it had wilted away...but here it is...isn't it beautiful?!? I might have a green thumb after all!

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