Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick Recap

Little Ms. Kitty, Sleeping Beauty & The Joker

October '08

Bianca dressed up as a Bratz Kitty Cat! She had the most fun and Trick o Treat her way to all the candy she could handle. She had a great evening...walked quite a bit too!

Thanksgiving @ Tia Rosie's House

November '08

We spent a beautiful Thanksgiving at Tia Rosario's house. We had a great feast both traditional and non-traditional. Bianca did a little bit of her Mr. Turkey song for us which was super cute! She loves to perform! It was definitely a blessed day for us all!

Opening a few gifts on Christmas Eve (Noche Buena)

We spent Christmas Eve once again at Tia Rosie's house. Bianca made out like a bandit and she was the happiest little girl on Earth!

Christmas Day @ Home

Christmas morning came and Bianca was surprised at all the wonderful things Santa had left for her under the tree! Bratz, Barbies, Nintendo DS, DVDs and much much more! She was a very good girl...She was in absolute awe at all the wonderful things she received from Santa! Her favorite being her Littlest Pet Shop Nintendo DS game!

Well this is a very quick recap for now...more to come later!

Good night everyone!
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