Sunday, October 24, 2010


For us Build-A-Bear has been one of these places we only go to sporadically. As a matter of fact we’ve only really been there twice. The first time back in 2007, Bianca wasn’t too thrilled about the whole thing but she went along for the experience. The bear was named Zoey and she made it home only to be lost in the piles and piles of other stuffed animals never to be seen again except maybe three years later.

Bianca received a gift card for Build-A-Bear for her 8th birthday last month and all of a sudden she was really into it so much so that now she doesn’t go anywhere without her new buddy Biscuit. Biscuit sleeps, eat and does homework with Bianca almost everyday – she even makes sure Biscuit is comfortably tucked away every morning before leaving for school. I sort of breath in and out when she takes an extra 3-5 minutes in the morning while she accommodates Biscuit into his “favorite spot” on the princess sofa. Sometimes I tell her hurry up but lately I’ve let her have her way and tuck him away because honestly it shows me that she is responsible with the things she loves. It’s the small things that make us happy, isn’t it? It’s just another small step in our day that I pause and say “thank you Lord" because eight years ago we were told she will not be able to do so many things that today amaze us all! We love you our little Bee and as we get closer to celebrating the day we brought you home from the hospital the more I know we are truly blessed!

Build ~ A ~ Bear 2007

Build ~ A ~ Bear 2010

By the way it's great to see that she has grown just a bit in 3 years ~ between this pic and the one from '07 you can see she's taller =) Which makes us very THANKFUL!

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