Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wrote In 2007 - Still Feel The Same Way 2010

This is something I wrote 3 years ago but still holds true today! It's nice to find these old writings deep in my I will put it out there to share with the rest of you!

Written for my daughter ~ October 26, 2007

Life is never easy and we all have something we must overcome to better ourselves. It's never easy to question why we go through what we do but I am sure there is a reason for what we go through in this lifetime. I consider myself lucky to have my daughter here w/me & helping me raise awareness for EB.

I would like to list the things that EB has raised awareness within me through my daughter:

Thankful for being able to

See my daughter smile when I get home

See my daughter sleep soundly like an angel w/out a care in the world

See my daughter sing to herself while she plays w/her dolls

See my daughter understand her condition

See my daughter taking care of a blister or a wound by herself w/out my help (because this shows me she has understanding of her EB as stated above)

See my daughter able to sit down to dinner w/us and ENJOY her food

See my daughter run, skip, hop when she's happy

See my daughter dance, sway, twirl when she hears the sound of any music

See my daughter call for her daddy to the rescue when a bug is in the house

See my daughter dream about when she'll be able to get married like "mami and papi in the picture at abuela's house"

See my daughter ride her tricycle and not scared of tipping over

See my daughter go to the potty on her own w/out any help from mom or daddy

See my daughter hug her daddy and tell him good night, sweet dream and I love you

See my daughter play in the pool w/out a care in the world

See my daughter lay by her daddy to "Get some sun"

See my daughter draw, color, paint w/precision

See my daughter make "cookies" w/me in the kitchen ~ but really making a mess

See my daughter being helpful when her daddy gets home by getting his slippers and some water

See my daughter GROW into this beautiful little person I was once told would never be here with us for long…although I know the road ahead is not easy I feel that we've managed to overcome many hurdles I think were not possible just a few years ago!

See, smell, hear, touch, speak to my daughter and have her reciprocate all the love we have for her back to us

Then there are the little things I am also grateful for like

Getting up in the mornings and seeing the sun rise

Getting to bed at night and seeing the sun set

Listening to the birds singing and then laughing at how they try to outdo each other by chirping JUST a little louder with each turn

Seeing a pair of squirrels run around in my back yard while the third one goes for the pot of gold (bread pieces, fruits, nuts I have left out for them)

Having my parents with me to be able to share so many wonderful memories w/them and Bianca

Having friends that can stick together and be there for each other no matter what

Having a group of people that really do understand what we're going through

Having the INTERNET to be able to connect to family, friends, and extended family

Having a house that has quickly become our home and it "just feels right"

Having a husband that is the most wonderful daddy in the world and the most loving man I could ever hope for

Then there are the things I am grateful to my daughter for which are

Teaching me how to be more gentle

Teaching me what unconditional love is all about

Teaching me how to have patience

Teaching me how to have LOTS of patience

Teaching me how not to have a care in the world as long as I can smile

Teaching me how to not complain about every little thing

Teaching me how to make the most out of life regardless of what you have been dealt

Teaching me how to LET IT GO

In summary being that this is EB Awareness week I am just overall THANKFUL to know my little EB Butterfly. My life would not be the same if she would have not come into it 5 years ago! I cannot even remember anymore my life before she came along...she has just made it that much better.

I LOVE YOU my dear daughter Bianca =)


~Mommy (AKA Sally)

Bianca - 2007 - Almost 5 years old

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