Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our First Mother ♥ Daughter Photography Session

In a world of digital cameras and picture sharing through social network uploads we have started loosing the tactile form of reliving our fond memories in an instance. Today many of us must be “connected” to reminisce what a great time we had in our trips, holidays and birthday parties. While it’s great to have these pictures posted online and share with our loved ones around the world I realized my home was stuck in a time warp picture display! With the exception of Bianca’s school pictures the last one we have on display is that of her sixth birthday party! She’s going to be ten so that’s about four years without putting one single framed picture of our trip to Ohio, Colorado or Tennessee. Her birthday last year at Build a Bear had some beautiful pictures of her friends having a blast and the holidays when we dress up have all been posted and forgotten in about a week time span! This is why I decided to start a new tradition – taking professional pictures every so often and start rebuilding our photo display at home. Photography has evolved from your traditional Muñoz Studio package (for those of you from Miami you know very well who that is…). Today professional, talented and very unique photographers take their art almost anywhere to create a personal, one-of-a-kind experience and pictures. From silly to tender poses these new wave of photographers catch our lifestyles! Not your lackluster family portrait where everyone is strategically arranged. The best way to take advantage of such a exclusive service is to sign up for a mini session.

I found Stuido by Carmen through a friend’s recommendation. I liked her page on Facebook and instantaneously Carmen posted about a Mother’s Day Mini Session. These sessions are usually a ½ hour long and depending on the package you will get a CD of 5 – 10 files for your personal use. I can order extra prints through Target, CVS, Costco or wherever a photo lab is located; beats having to pay $200 - $400 a package through our old school photographer. Bianca and I had such a wonderful time! She hammed it up for the camera and was dancing all over the place! She couldn’t get enough and here I thought she was going to be a bit shy performing in front of two perfect strangers! She danced, jumped, posed and rocked it! She’s now excited to go back and do it again. Hopefully Carmen will post about another mini session real soon and we can incorporate daddy into the pictures. The best part is that these pictures are going to make the grandma’s tear up a little! My mom will get the one where I am holding her gently with my eyes closed. While my mother in law will get the one where she’s being spunk and dancing around. Both of them will definitely be in for a surprise. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the photo book in on time. But that’s fine because I’m sure the two pictures we are gifting them will make the impact we’re looking for – proud, happy and thankful for their beautiful granddaughter!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Supermoms and Honorary Dads out there!

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