Sunday, August 18, 2013

Goodbye Summer 2013 - Hello 5th Grade!

Back To School Eve - goodbye summer 2013! It's been a real rollercoaster & one for the books! Camp Wonder opened up so many possibilities for us! Seeing old friends & making new ones on the other side of the country = priceless! Bee attended a regular summer camp w/her friends & while we were not sure how things would turn out at first we are 100% happy that she got to enjoy her time during the summer days indoors meeting new people. She went on field trips with her camp on her own several times with no issues – movies, park, museums…you name it she did it!

Today we spent the day with two of her closest friends hanging out by the pool, talking about the upcoming year’s events. While many great activities are planned for the 5th graders there is also an underlying preparation into middle school. Bianca has (7) teachers in total – (1) homeroom/math/social studies, (1) reading, writing & English, (1) science, (1) music, (1) Spanish, (1) art & (1) P.E. (which she’ll just do inside – writing/reading up on sports! We were told that there will be tons of moving back and forth through the day. I’m so thankful for her nurse who deserves an award for sticking around so long – this will be her sixth year with Bianca. We have been truly blessed with having her around!

While it’s bittersweet to say “au revoir l'été 2013” it is another level of success we’ve reached in the limitations that were laid out to us in 2002. The independence reached this summer by Bianca is astounding – the second to last week at camp she was hurt by a 3 year old child. While she was explaining to me what happened she could not stop stressing that he was just a little kid who did not know any better. She went into the bathroom on her own, sat down, called me and I stayed on the line while she handled the wound on her ankle. What’s different from any other time she’s patched herself up? She had to undress the bandage, cleanse the wound & re-dress it. All while making sure she would be comfortable walking on it until we went to pick her up in a couple of hours. This in itself was pure victory. She’s always been okay in cutting a piece of bandage and placing it to where the exposed skin was hurt. She never had to do a deep dive into wound care by herself like she did a few weeks ago.

So with that I say be safe tomorrow Miami and any other city starting school! Kids are out and about once again. So plan ahead – get up early – drive with caution. Our future is walking around the streets tomorrow.

5th Grade Here We Come!!

A Little Back To School Prayer

Lord, on the start of the 2013 school year bless my child with focus, friendships & fun.
Bless her w/understanding & comprehension for the classes ahead.
May she know that she can raise her hand & ask all the questions necessary to understand the lessons.
As well as speak up when she's feeling uncomfortable in a situation.
May she continue to be blessed w/loyal friends who bring out the best in her & each other.
May she be as positive & healthy as possible!
May her teachers, nurses & all of those she comes into contact with have firmness in their ways but compassion in their hearts.
I ask all this in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
AMEN! (♥ you my butter).

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