Sunday, December 1, 2013

Attitude with a side of Gratitude – Hello Holiday Season!

As the years have gone by the holidays have become a treasured time for all
Bee & her Christmas Tree! 
of us. It starts out hectic and stressful but as the days progress we get a bit more comfortable with the notion that we are allowed to ease up and just relax! Spend time with loved ones – be it family, friends or both! After Bee made her grand entrance into this world back in 2002 our gratitude levels for the small things in life have been heighten. It also brings with it other heighten emotions.

We’re finding a very passionate relationship between the two of us – like a tug of war of emotions. She’s very adamant about her actions not understanding fully their consequences. I’m absolutely strict about the consequences not realizing their end results can be detrimental if I handle the situation with too much of an iron fist. How else can I derail the self-entitlement attitude that’s developing? There’s no corporal punishment going on here so taking away certain things only work temporarily. Screaming once in a while is useless because it only makes the princess child more stubborn to keep her stance on whatever the situation. So what’s a mother in my position to do? Give chores! With the exception of doing the laundry and washing the dishes – well dishes are next on the list. Step stool, soap pump and easy handles…we’re set! When there are no other chores left it’s reading time and when that’s over it’s time to crack open her teacher’s Teachers Web profile and study some more!

Thankfully the holiday season is the time where we become a bit more lenient and spend time creating family memories together. Hopefully we can downgrade on the attitude and upgrade on the gratitude. I’m sure we will but it will take a whole lot of patience and breathing exercises! 

Hope everyone is having a great start to the holidays! 

Thanksgiving At Mima's House ~ Cuban Style

Clowning Around @ Mima's House
Cuban Style Thanksgiving
Rice, Red Beans, Turkey seasoned w/Mojo
& Flan!
Happy Thanksgiving From The Contreras Family!

Playing with the furry ones! 
Bianca loves her hot doggies & her little chi!

Kisses from Hannah...
Hannah Love!

More Hannah Love!
Royce is so calm & cool!
Hannah can't stand not being the center of attention...can you tell?!?!

Hanging w/Abuela :)

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